Sunday, February 23, 2020

Improving Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patiets Research Paper

Improving Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patiets - Research Paper Example When it comes to healthcare industry, one cannot make any mistakes, especially when the communication is taking place between patient and the healthcare provider. If the healthcare provider is able to provide such an atmosphere, where the patient is comfortable to express all concerns, it can help the healthcare specialist to gather enough critical information to diagnose the problem in the patient. However, a hostile environment can lead to missing important critical information in the communication process, leading to a grave mistake being made on the part of the practitioner. Since healthcare is a field, where a mistake can lead to losing the life or the wellness of the patient, effective healthcare communication and bedside ethics is of primary importance (Gary, 1994). There has been tremendous research currently being held all across the world, accessing the importance of effective communication in health care. Communications tool kit is a tool that has been employed in many organizations, across different fields and has been termed to be successful in increasing effective communication. This holds true also for the healthcare industry, where health care providers are provided with such communication tool kits to assist them during questioning and diagnostic sessions. Better communication between the healthcare provider and the patient can lead to better relationships and better care provided to the patients. According to the American Academy on Communication in healthcare, national data has indicated that communication and relationship are issues are fundamental in misdiagnosis or errors in the medical field. According to a recent study of Orthopedic surgeons, a minimum of 25% of medical errors were made due to miscommunication. Since healthcare providers have extensive academic programs related to the medical field, with not much to offer on communication, they sometimes lack the basics to break the barriers of

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