Friday, February 7, 2020

Violence Leads to Disagreements and Development Essay

Violence Leads to Disagreements and Development - Essay Example That is the only way that issues can be resolved with ease. It becomes impractical to solve issues through violence. It is common practice for civilians to resolve to violence whenever they are dissatisfied with their particular leadership. However much this seems right to them, it is not the case because by engaging in violent demonstration, a lot of property is lost, and it may also lead to injuries. For example, violent demonstrations can lead to burning and destroying of structures which for years have served people. It is not only civilians that engage in violence. Even police officers may engage in violence. The role of policemen is controlling crime and ensuring that law and order is maintained. However, if policemen decide to use violent means when dealing with civilians, it becomes a form of violence since it causes bodily harm to civilians. Statistics have shown that communities that do not engage in violent activities are able to lead good and quality lifestyles as compared to those that lead violent lifestyles. As a result of this, people are always encouraged to shed their violent side since it ensures that they lead a quality lifestyle. Another disadvantage of violence is that it hinders development since it introduces enmity in people’s lives. People need to pull together for purposes of development, hence, when there is violence, there is bound to be disunity which affects development. Violence also leads to various disagreements between people which ensures that people do not get along well as they initially did. Disagreements are not good for life since people are expected to live in harmony in the community. Therefore, the best way to minimize disagreements in the community is to reduce violence. By so doing, people will live peacefully in the community and development will be realized well in the society. In conclusion, violence is a practice that causes disharmony between people and brings about enmity between people. Violence

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